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The Benefits of power flushing your Central heating system


We are Booths Gas Services. We are an accredited and highly experienced boiler engineering and central heating company in Preston. We are experienced and able to repair and install all makes of boiler and central heating systems. We are highly established and maintain a growing client base of satisfied customers.

Is it a good time to consider a new boiler?

I often get asked about boiler replacement from my existing customers. If your boiler is getting on a bit, perhaps approaching ten years old or so, it might be a good idea to think about replacing your boiler system with a modern, condensing combi or conventional boiler. Modern boilers lower your energy usage and make the most of waste heat. You will notice an increase in the heat output of your radiators with a modern combi boiler and a decrease in the cost of your fuel bills too.

Do I need a Power flush?

You may be experiencing cooler spots at the lower section of your radiators, or perhaps your boiler seems to be venting more frequently than usual. These are some of the tell tale signs that black sludge has been building up within your central heating system. This black oxide sludge can restrict the flow of your central heating system and reduce the heat output of your radiators. It can also cause damage to your boiler.

Power flushing involves running a cleaning agent through your central heating system to flush out the unwanted sludge. Power flushing isn’t expensive to perform – consider the benefits of lower bills, a safer boiler and improved overall performance of your heating system.

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