Discover The All-New Outdoor Home Office

Who wouldn’t want a garden office? Sleek, beautiful and inspiring – just imagine the work you would get through! You can extend your living space and has the advantage of providing a quiet pocket away from the main hubbub of your main home. A role traditionally filled by sheds and summerhouses is now the remit of the outdoor living room – a garden building singled out by its gorgeous form and beautiful finish.

Rooms for the garden come in many forms, from outdoor office to guest bedroom, hobby room, play den, entertainment hub, teenage hangout or simple covered seating. Choose from a range of styles. Rooms for the garden tend not to require planning permission or foundations, which makes them quick to buy and speedy to install.

Buy with no fittings and either furnish it yourself or use it for storage, or choose an interior scheme to match your requirements. Many garden rooms come with a choice of interior fittings to match the function of the room – or go bespoke for a truly personalised space.

Outdoor Living Rooms have some beautiful sleek profiles that will grace any garden. Double glazed and thermally insulated, the outdoor rooms are made using top-grade materials and the sustainable cladding of the exterior can be oiled or left to weather.

The rooms come with interior fitting options depending on the function of the room. You can choose a full turnkey solution or decorate as you like.

Discover more bespoke garden rooms at Outdoor Living Rooms.

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