New roof needed?

How much does a new roof cost?
Replacing your entire roof is not an insignificant cost and it should be the homeowner’s responsibility to speak with a reputable roofing expert to gain a full understanding of all the options, including financing options. In 2013 the average cost of replacing a mid-range roof was $18,488, and had a recoup cost of 63%, making it a wise investment. The final cost will be the addition of the square footage of materials needed (including shingles, water barriers, venting systems, etc.), any materials that may need to be replaced (damaged plywood or trusses), labor costs, taxes, and other on-site variables such as lifting the materials by hand up to the roof or being able to raise a boom next to your house to mechanically raise the materials on to the roof. Other cost factors may be the cost of replacing gutters, flashing, vents or repairing chimney damage Roofing Preston.

A qualified roofing company may not extend a warranty on a roof if the other areas that touch the roof are damaged. When discussing costs with your roofing professional, have them itemize all costs, both expected and unexpected, so that you have a clear understanding of the grand total. Most roofing companies will require a deposit in order to book the appointment, with the remainder charged at time of completion. Be wary of companies that ask for large deposits up front. Usually a roofer will have a 30-day credit at the roofing supply company, meaning the roofer has 30 days to pay for the materials. A deposit of 0% – 20% is normal.

Types of roofing materials
There are several types of roofing options for homeowners but the most common are asphalt shingles, wood shingles, metal, slate or clay tile. Costs vary widely between each of these materials with the asphalt shingles being the least expensive and clay tile being the most expensive. If cost is not an issue, then the style of your home and your climate may be a determining factor. A Spanish-style home in a hot and dry climate would be well suited with a fired clay tile roof. A steep-pitched roof located in a snowy climate may function better with a metal roof. A very flat, contemporary home in a climate with little rain might look best with no shingles at all but rather a flat-finished roof. Some roofing experts are affiliated with a particular manufacturer and will only use products offered by that manufacturer. The benefit to hiring a roofer affiliated with a manufacturer is that they are fully trained to install and speak about the performance testing of that particular inventory. If you want a very specific type of roofing material used on your home, seek out a professional who has a lot of experience using that material.

How long will a new roof last?
The average shingle roof, properly installed, should last anywhere from 20 years (for asphalt or torchdown roof), 30-40 years (wood shingled roof), 50+ years (metal roofs) and 100+ years (clay tile shingles).

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