Planning Permission for your Garden Room

Wondering whether you need to apply for planning permission for your garden room?

It can be tricky knowing what the correct procedure is for when you are thinking of getting a garden room, studio or office. You want to keep everything legal and above board just in case anything bad happens in future and you have to move – or even worse – remove your brand new garden room.

As long as your garden building is lower than 2.5m you can proceed with installing anywhere in the legally defined area of your garden. This includes all of the property you own except for the footprint of the house. A few years ago there used to be a maximum size rule of 30 square metres, instead there is now a 50% rule in that it cannot cover over half of your property.

There are also specific rules for conservation areas, listed buildings and areas of outstanding beauty.

If you live in a conservation area, you cannot have any garden room built in the front or side area of your property, but you can build behind without needing to apply for planning permission.

If you reside in a Listed Building you need full planning permission no matter where you wish to build your garden room, studio or office.

In an AoONB (area of outstanding natural beauty), you need to apply for planning permission and the maximum size of 10 square metres 20 metres away from the house still applies.

Another important thing to note is that whatever you are building, if it is to be used for overnight accommodation and you intend for people to sleep in it, planning permission must be sought. This is because of fire regulations, and should people be sleeping within the building it must comply with these regulations.

It is always a good idea with whatever you are building to check with your local authority, even if the office or studio is within the constraints defined above. If you are looking for advice regarding garden rooms, offices or studios, Outdoor Living Rooms can offer information and have a beautiful range.

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