Thinking about a multi-purpose garden room?

A room in the garden is a great way to create an area for activities that you may not have space for in the home. Home extensions can be a costly, messy and time consuming. Alternatively, if you have plenty of room in the garden then a garden room can be a fantastic alternative.

A good quality, multi-purpose garden room can be used for many pursuits. Therefore, connection to an electricity source is a must and if you plan to spend any length of time in the room then good insulation will also be essential — especially if you plan to use the room all-year-round.

A Garden Office and Guest Room

Tom required a garden office but also an occasional guest room. Tucked at the bottom of the garden it blends beautifully into the surroundings. For Tom, it has created a practical space but it is also dual purpose. During the day, the garden room is used as an office but because it has a toilet it can quickly become a guest bedroom. A sofa bed provides seating for the office and a sleeping area if required. The handmade hideaway office, in walnut, can be closed when you have guests and keeps all your paperwork out of sight. In conclusion, we think a perfect solution.

Points to Remember

The placement of windows and doors needs to be considered carefully. Place the door so that it optimises the space inside, but is easily accessible from outside too. This will mean thinking about paths, shrubs and trees in the surrounding area.

Studio rooms, garden rooms and offices will benefit from large windows, allowing in plenty of light. However, you need to ensure that these will allow for glare-free spots if you are using a computer or TV in there.

If you are researching garden rooms have a look at the selection that Outdoor Living Rooms offer.


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